Step 1. Right Click on NASM.EXE to bring up the dialog box to create the shortcut.

Step 2. Right Click on the Shortcut to get to the shortcut Properties.

Step 2b. Select the 'Program' Tab to make our changes.

Step 3. Uncheck box 'Close on exit', append "'space'?" in the 'Cmd line:' box

Click [Apply], Click [OK]
Step 4. Double Click Shortcut to NASM.EXE

Step 4b. Paste in cmdline parameters, copied from source file, click OK

Step 5. Done! Although you might get the error shown, assembly is OK. Review the source code comments for a solution to the error message.

Step 6. Indeed, the proper files are successfully generated.

Step 7. Double Click HELLO.COM, Proof!

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