Links To CP/M Resources

Gaby’s Homepage for CP/M and Computer History.

The Unofficial CP/M Website.  The central DRI collections site.

John Elliott's homepage (CP/M Main Page)
Software, information, and links for CP/M, GEM, the PCW and Sinclair Spectrum.

The Retrocomputing Archive
Big collection of CP/M software, including disk images of various Operating System disks.

Public server containing various CP/M files, including the ZNODE 51 BBS files.

UNIX Programming for Fun
Features Udo Munk's z80pack Z80CPU simulator and CP/M-80 development tree.
Includes: Retrotechnology history in computing; the history of S-100 bus, CP/M-80.
Includes: Comparison of CP/M-80 C Compilers.

The CP/M 86 and CP/M 80 Museum
Includes: CP/M-80 & CP/M-86 C Compilers.

-= CP/M FCB Notes. =-

-= CP/M-80 Implementation Notes. =-

-= What does CP/M-80 do? =-

-= CP/M-86 Software Archeology =-

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