FLOP_SEE.NSM and associated moduless are the NASM source for a utility to view sectors on a floppy diskette in the A:\ drive. This program works in win98 just fine as is, click and go. The program will work in XP if a couple of restrictions are observed. The first restriction is it must be run under a debugger such as DEBUG.EXE because of the inner workings of XP. The second restriction for XP is that the floppy to be viewed must be of a fat12 format, also because of the inner working of XP. To run DEBUG... Open the 'Command Prompt' utility. This can be found here: [start] [All Programs] [Accessories] [Command Prompt], which gives something like the following:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\USER1>

-presumeably you have FLOP_SEE.COM on your desktop, so change to that directory-

C:\Documents and Settings\USER1>cd desktop

C:\Documents and Settings\USER1\Desktop>debug flop_see.com
With a floppy placed in the floppy drive, give DEBUG the G command to launch Flop_See.

Press 'Q' or 'q' a couple of times to quit, when you are done.  There is an on screen menu of commands...

Commands:  Q,q := Quit.  - := decrement sector, + := increment sector.
R,r := reloggin disk to CHS=0,0,1  L,l := New Diskette Login to current CHS.
T,t := increment to next track.  C,c := user select cylinder.
H,h := toggle between head 0,1.
S,s := Seek to sector index in current track buff.
Flop_See uses the RomBios interrupt service routines only, so with minor modification to the org offset, it will run from a 'load and go' hobby OS boot disk as a Real Mode Utility.


Supporting Functions Modules..

8:39 PM 2/11/2009