Release 1.0, codegen version 0.2.7 .. - I changed names of identifiers to names more fitting to my eye, such as lval() function to eval() function, and the like. - I changed code generation to reflect dereferencing auto variables off the stack using BP, (SS:BP). This is the first step to recodifying to a segment or section model. Variables of external storage class are dereferenced thru DS:offset. This works only because SS == DS, the rest of the step cannot be completed until the parser is improved to carry forward more information about a pointer pointing to 'object of storage class; auto or external'. Instead of using a small .com memory model, the next major goal is employ separate stack, data, and code segmented model. A further look into this seems to indicate to me that not enough information about the storage class of an indentifier is held in the parser state array used by eval(). - I improved the code generation in a number of small ways that suggested themselves. - The syntax is still K&R, the code generated is still 80186ish.

C Source to Release 1.0, codegen version 0.2.7

NASM output of Release 1.0, codegen version 0.2.7, ready to make.

NASM makefile for this project, outputs NCCR1.COM.

12:52 PM 2/15/2009